2023 HYROX World Championships Results — Hunter McIntyre, Lauren Weeks Win

McIntyre defended his top spot and Weeks reclaimed her throne.

Lauren Weeks and Hunter McIntyre of the USA are the 2023 HYROX World Series of Fitness Racing champions. Both athletes earned their titles at the Manchester Central Convention Centre in Manchester, UK, on Friday, May 26, 2023. This was the first time HYROX held the World Championships in the UK.

The winner of the Elite 15 Women’s division in 2022, Kris Rugloski, finished seventh overall, and HYROX women’s world record holder, U.S. athlete Megan Jacoby, finished second. The top four women finishers are all U.S. athletes. The full results are below:

2023 HYROX World Championship Results

Here are the complete results.

Elite 15 Men’s Division

  1. Hunter McIntyre — 00:56:40
  2. Alexander Roncevic — 00:57:35
  3. Tobias Lautwein — 00:58:26
  4. Ryan Kent — 00:58:26
  5. Graham Halliday — 00:58:41
  6. Jonathon Wynn — 00:58:50
  7. Florian Gast — 00:59:59
  8. James Kelly — 1:00:12
  9. Tiago Lousa — 1:00:20
  10. Michael Sandbach — 1:00:30
  11. Tom Hogan — 1:00:47
  12. Joffrey Voisin — 1:01:11
  13. Peter Schiller — 1:02:30
  14. Dylan Scott — 1:04:13
  15. David Magida — 1:09:41

Elite 15 Women’s Division

  1. Lauren Weeks — 00:59:51
  2. Megan Jacoby — 1:00:23
  3. Belle Macfarlane — 1:02:11
  4. Vivian Tafuto — 1:04:04
  5. Viola Oberlander — 1:04:07
  6. Rebecca Mason — 1:04:25
  7. Kris Rugloski— 1:05:05
  8. Janne Thomsen — 1:05:34
  9. Alina Willnow — 1:05:38
  10. Terra Jackson — 1:05:50
  11. Linda Meier — 1:06:58
  12. Alandra Greenlee — 1:08:29
  13. Jezabel Kremer — 1:09:21
  14. Antje Hardes — 1:12:56

[HYROX streamed the 2023 World Championships: How To Watch The 2023 HYROX World Championships]


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2023 HYROX World Championships Podium Finishers

Here’s a recap of the podium finishers in the Elite 15 Men’s and Women’s divisions from the 2023 HYROX World Championships:

Men’s Division Winner — Hunter McIntyre 

McIntyre was the HYROX world champion in 2020 and 2022. After losing his 2021 title to Tobias Lautwein, McIntyre retaliated with a dominating 2023 season. McIntyre set an HYROX world record time in Barcelona late in the season and then did not compete in another race prior to the World Championships. He dropped out of the Anaheim HYROX event one month before the 2023 HYROX World Championships.

McIntyre was in first place after the Ski Erg, leaving the sled pull with a 20-second lead. He finished with almost an entire minute lead on the second-place finisher Alexander Roncevic when all was said and done.

Men’s Division Runner-Up — Alexander Roncevic

Roncevic secured a third-place finish at the 2022 HYROX World Championships after ranking second to Lautwein in 2021. Roncevic ranked fourth overall at the 2023 North American Championships.

Roncevic ran a great race at the 2023 World Championships, staying in contention for the podium without gassing out too early. The battle for second through fourth was spicy as each slot remained up for grabs through the last station. Roncevic entered the wall balls in third place but overtook Ryan Kent for second and didn’t let up. 


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Much like the last 2022 HYROX World Championship race, Roncevic did not score the fastest time in any station except the wall balls, the last station. Roncevic finished wall balls seven seconds faster than his 2022 World Championships time.

Men’s Division Bronze Medalist — Tobias Lautwein

German athlete Tobias Lautwein no longer has the home-field advantage in the HYROX World Championships, as the race has been hosted by countries other than Germany since 2022 due to the sport’s growth. However, that has not stopped Lautwein from being an absolute force. He was the 2021 HYROX world champion but did not compete in 2022.

In 2023, Lautwein left the first station in last place but slowly worked his way to the top of the pack. Despite coming out of the row with the 10th-fastest time, Lautwein scored the fastest farmer’s carry. However,  he never finished higher than the fourth position at any other workout station.

With the fifth-fastest run time overall, Lautwein worked himself into podium position with a super tight wall ball finish. According to the leaderboard, he tied with Ryan Kent for third place but officially took the podium by one-tenth of a second. 

Women’s Division Winner — Lauren Weeks

Lauren Weeks is a U.S. athlete who previously claimed the World Championship title in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, Weeks was in her third trimester of pregnancy at the time of the World Championship race.

Weeks returned for the 2023 season and posted several exceptional performances, including wins at the 2023 European Championship in Maastricht. Weeks has won 10 HYROX events and only ever finished off the podium during the 2022 World Championship race — ninth overall. 


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Weeks took second place from world record holder Megan Jacoby by 32 seconds. Weeks finished three out of eight stations in the first position and had the second-fastest run time. Her slowest station was the sled pull, but she made up time elsewhere. She secured the overall victory via the fastest time in the wall balls station.

Women’s Division Runner-Up — Megan Jacoby

USA’s Megan Jacoby entered the 2023 race season guns blazin’. She scored all 100 wall balls unbroken early in the season, finishing third at the European Championships. Jacoby set the HYRODX world record time, finishing sub-60 minutes at HYROX Anaheim — one month prior to the 2023 World Championships.

Jacoby finished with the second-fastest times at four of the eight stations and the fourth-fastest run time. Her impressive times in the burpee broad jump and row stations helped her stay in front with Weeks but ultimately finished 32 seconds behind her. 

Women’s Division Bronze Medalist — Belle Macfarlane 

USA’s Belle Macfarlane is relatively new to the competitive HYROX world but scored an impressive finish at the Anaheim race, securing her spot in the Elite 15. After a fast first run to open the 2023 World Championships, she finished in the bottom third at the Ski Erg.

However, Macfarlane turned things around during the sled push, moving into sixth position. She dominated the lunges and had the third-fastest wall balls time, settling her into third place overall, just under two minutes behind second place. 

HYROX Race Structure

The workout for the Elite 15 is structured as follows:

  • Workout One: 1,000 meters on the Ski Erg.
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Two: 50-meter Sled PushWomen: 275 pounds, Men: 385 pounds
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Three: 50-meter Sled Pull — Women: 165 pounds, Men: 275 pounds
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Four: 80-meter Burpee Broad Jumps
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Five: 1,000-meter Rowing
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Six: 200-meter Farmer’s CarryWomen: 53 pounds, Men: 70 pounds
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Seven: 100-meter Sandbag LungesWomen: 45 pounds, Men: 66 pounds
  • Run One Kilometer
  • Workout Eight: 100 Wall BallsWomen: 14 pounds, Men: 20 pounds

HYROX is a hybrid fitness competition featuring eight workout stations broken up by eight one-kilometer runs. This company was founded by Christian Toetzyke and Moritz Furste in 2017 and is a true test of both athletic endurance and functional fitness. 

HYROX originated in Germany and quickly spread throughout Europe. It did not take long for HYROX to make its way over to the United States, where it has become extremely popular. HYROX races can now be found in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and soon-to-be Australia. 


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HYROX is a fitness race that includes team, relay, and individual contests ranging from beginner to pro levels. The workouts remain the same, though the workout load varies based on which division is competing; the weights and reps at the workout stations change as well. After completing all eight workout stations and all eight runs, the athlete(s) who finishes all tasks in the least amount of time wins. 

What’s Next?

HYROX stated in their pre-race meet with the Elite 15 athletes that there will be changes to how the 2024 season is structured, though no official details have been released as of this article’s publication.

The first race of the 2024 HYROX season takes place on June 2, 2023, in Rimini, Italy, followed by a US event in New York on June 10, 2023. Both of these race weekends include Saturday and Sunday events.

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